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Together at Christmas


For many years the local Churches in Ewell have organised a Christmas lunch at a local Church for those who might otherwise spend Christmas Day alone. 

The event is funded by donations, and both the meal and entertainment are provided free of charge to the attendees (although donations are gratefully accepted if offered).

Invitations are sent to those who attended last year, plus any others made known to the organisers – there is wide publicity for this around the area in churches, local shops, doctor’s surgeries, libraries or retirement homes etc.

Churches are asked to provide volunteers for the tasks below, and also to make a small financial contribution each year.

Decorators for the Hall – Christmas Eve – volunteers who can come for an hour or so to decorate the hall and lay tables etc.

Table Hosts – approx 20 table hosts –ie two per table.  They will need to be at the Church by 11:30am on Christmas Day.  Each table will be assigned guests and two table hosts.   The hosts will need to escort them to the table, eat with them and then escort them to another hall for the entertainment and generally act as hosts for the afternoon.

Drivers – drivers are needed to drive the guests to the Church and then back again to their homes.  Drivers can volunteer to do one way only if necessary. They will need to be available to bring the guest to the Church by 12:15pm. They will need to be at the Church by 4:00pm to take the guests back. When they volunteer we will need to know what type of car they have so that we can allocate appropriate guests to each driver.  It would be helpful if they could let us know if they can accommodate wheelchairs, zimmer frames etc.

Washer Uppers & Hall Clearer Uppers – help with the washing up on Christmas Day afternoon  – they need to arrive around 1:30pm but are welcomed to come earlier and have a bite to eat. The Hall Clearer uppers can start as soon as the guests leave to go to the hall where they will be served tea, say around 1:30pm to 2:00pm.  We hope that the more help we have to clear up and wash up the sooner we can all finish!

Entertainers, Pianist, Guitarist or any other instrumentalist – usually the is a pianist and singer organised, and if anyone would like to add to this part of the afternoon with an instrument or good voice we would be pleased to hear from them.  The afternoon finishes at 4:00pm so it does not have to be a long programme!

If you’d be interested in helping in any way at the next event, or know someone who would welcome company and a meal on Christmas Day, please use our contact page to email the Together at Christmas Co-ordinator.


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