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  • Details of contractors we have used in the past, and will probably use again because we are happy with their work and their ethical approach to our needs. Please, we are not recommending them to you, simply recording our thanks for their work for us.

and Finally

  •  a page of information put together by a chap called Karl which gives general information about Benefits and Grants available for OAPs. His whole website is a mine of information about how to save money and is well written. As with our Contractors List however, this information is offered to you without recommendation or any form of guarantee from the Church.

Foodbank latest

As at May 19th we are urgently in need of Washing powder/liquid /capsules, Ladies deodorant, Tin spaghetti, Instant mash - ideal if you only have access to a kettle, Powdered milk, Long-life juice, Condiments - salt and pepper, Shaving foam, Tinned sponge puddings, Egg noodles/instant noodles, Hair conditioner, Marmalade, Brown sauce, Custard